Historic Bridge Reports for Missouri
Prepared by Missouri Department of Transportation Historic Preservation Section staff
For more information, visit the MoDOT Bridge History website
Contact information: Mike Meinkoth (email Michael.Meinkoth@modot.mo.gov)
Index prepared by Renée McHenry, Transportation Librarian, MoDOT Library
Last updated 6-17-2014
Bridge name Bridge
County Body of water Highway location Report
Link to full text reports
102 River Bridge L-0202A Andrew 102 River Route E Apr-03 102_River_Bridge_Compiled.pdf
Bear Creek Bridge K-0491 Platte Bear Creek Route 45 Nov-09 Bear Creek Bridge K0491 Report.pdf
Blackwater Bridge G-0785 Saline Blackwater River County Road 339 (Old Route 65) May-11 Blackwater Bridge G0785 Report PDF.pdf
Blanchette Bridge L-0561 St. Charles and St. Louis Missouri River Interstate 70 westbound Oct-12 Blanchette Bridge L0561 Documentation.pdf
Branson Bridge J-0705R Taney White River (Lake Taneycomo) U.S. Business Route 65/Route 76 Dec-09 Branson Bridge J0705R Report.pdf
Brownville Bridge L-98 Atchison Missouri River Route 136 Aug-09 Brownville Bridge L-98 Railing Report.pdf
Bull Creek Bridge H-39 Taney Bull Creek U.S. Route 160 Nov-01 Bull Creek Bridge H-39 Report.pdf
Carrollton Bridge F-0404 Carroll Wakenda Creek U.S. Business Route 65 1998 Wakenda Creek Bridge_F0404_Compiled.pdf
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Bridge NA Benton NA Route 65 No date CRIP RR Bridge Milepost 195-135 report.pdf
Crawford Meramec River Bridge H-117R Crawford Meramec River Route 19 Jan-99 Crawford Meramec River Bridge H-117R report.pdf
Crest Underpass Railroad Bridge Benton NA Route 52 No date CRIP RR Bridge Milepost 202-73 report.pdf
Daniel Boone Bridge J-1000 St. Charles and St. Louis Missouri River Interstate 64/U.S. Route 40 and 61 Sep-13 Daniel_Boone_Bridge_J1000_Report.pdf
Deer Creek Bridge G-681R St. Louis Deer Creek Route 100 May-07 Deer Creek Bridge G-681R report.pdf
Doxie Creek Bridge H-667 Chariton Doxie Creek Route 5 Oct-07 Doxie Creek Bridge H-667 HAER report.pdf
Eminence Jacks Fork Bridge K-209 Shannon Jacks Fork River Route 19 Aug-02 Eminence Bridge K-209 report.pdf
Franklin Meramec River Bridge H-996R1 Franklin Meramec River Routes 30 and 47 Jan-00 Franklin Meramec River Bridge H-996R1 report.pdf
Gasconade River Bridge K-112 & K-113 Pulaski Gasconade River Route 17 Jul-08 Gasconade River Bridge J-802 report.pdf
Glasgow Missouri River Bridge G-00693 Howard Missouri River Route 240 Aug-07 Glasgow Bridge G00693 report.pdf
Hermann Missouri River Bridge K-226A Gasconade Missouri River Route 19 2005 Hermann Bridge K-226A HAER report.pdf
Horse Creek Bridge X-0186 Vernon Horse Creek Route B Sep-12 Horse Creek Bridge X0186 Report.pdf
Hughes Creek Bridge G-0028 Cape Giradeau Hughes Creek Route 61 Jun-14 Hughes Creek Bridge_G0028.pdf
Hurricane Deck Bridge K-0961 Camden Lake of the Ozarks Route 5 Oct-12 Hurricane Deck_K0961_Mitigation Report.pdf
I-64 Lindberg Bridge K-600R2 St. Louis NA Interstate 64 Jun-07 I-64_Bridge_Report.pdf
I-64 McKnight Bridge K-0854R St. Louis NA Interstate 64 Jun-07 I-64_Bridge_Report.pdf
I-64 Spoede Bridge K-0601R St. Louis NA Interstate 64 Jun-07 I-64_Bridge_Report.pdf
Jacks Fork Bridge  J-665 Texas Jacks Fork River Route 17 Sep-04 Jacks Fork Bridge J-665 report.pdf
Lamine River Bridge K-0236 Cooper Lamine River Route 41 2014 K0236_Historical & Photographic Documentation.pdf
McCutcheon Street Bridge K-0861R St. Louis NA Interstate 64 2007 McCutcheon Street Bridge K0861R report.pdf
McDaniel Memorial Bridge K-9993 Saline Missouri River Route 240 Mar-08 McDaniel Memorial Bridge K-9993 Report.pdf
Meramec River Bridge J-0421 St. Louis Meramec River Interstate 44 Outer Road (Historic U. S. Route 66) Sep-12 Meramec River Bridge J0421_FINAL mitigation document.pdf
Mitchell Creek Bridge F-151 Platte Mitchell Creek Route 9 Jun-08 Mitchell Creek Bridge F-151 report.pdf
New Franklin Viaduct K-744 Howard NA Route 5 Feb-10 New Franklin Viaduct Report.pdf
Niangua River Arm Bridge J-296 Camden Niangua River Route 54 Apr-98 Niangua River Arm Bridge J-296 report.pdf
Niangua River Bridge X-0195 Dallas Niangua River Route K Jan-11 Niangua River Bridge X0195 report.pdf
North River Bridge K-0073 Marion North River Route 168 Sep-12 North River Bridge K0073 Report.pdf
Paseo Bridge L-07345 Jackson and Clay Missouri River Interstate 29 and 35 2008 Paseo Bridge L07345 HAER report.pdf
Patton Bridge G-0688 Bollinger Little Whitewater Creek Route 51 Jun-14 G0688_Patton Bridge Documentation.pdf
Platte River Bridge K-0266 Platte Platte River Route 45 Jan-12 Platte River Bridge K0266 Report.pdf
Pomme de Terre River Bridge H-636 Greene Pomme de Terre River U.S. Route 65 Aug-07 Pomme de Terre Bridge H-636 report.pdf
Sac River Bridge H-123A Greene Sac River Route 160 May-05 Sac River Bridge H-123A report.pdf
Saline Creek Bridge H-0119 Miller Saline Creek Route 17 Jan-12 Saline Creek Bridge H0119 report.pdf
Salt Fork Bridge (also called Eastwood Road Bridge) 4770002 Saline NA Eastwood Road (former Route 240) Nov-07 Salt Fork Bridge 4770002 report.pdf
Sandy Creek Bridge K-0340 Lincoln Sandy Creek Route 79 Sep-12 Sandy Creek Bridge K0340 report.pdf
Shoal Creek Bridge J-349 Newton Shoal Creek Route 86 No date Shoal Creek Bridge J-349 report.pdf
Sni-A-Bar Creek Bridge J-0025R Lafayette Sni-A-Bar Creek Route 224 Jul-10 Sni-A-Bar Creek Bridge J0025R report.pdf
St. Francis River Bridge J-0021R Wayne St. Francis River Route 67 Jun-12 St Francois River Bridge J0021R Report.pdf
Tarkio Creek Bridge J-176 Atchison East Fork Tarkio Creek U.S. Route 136 (was Route 18, then designated Route 4) Jun-97 Tarkio Creek Bridge J-176 report.pdf
Tarkio River Bridge G-0355R Atchison Tarkio River Route 59 May-12 Tarkio Creek Bridge G0355R Report.pdf
Turley Bridge W-0304 Cooper Petite Saline Creek Route V Mar-12 Turley Bridge W0304 Report.pdf
Tuscumbia Bridge J-719 Miller Osage River Route 17 Dec-06 Tuscumbia Bridge J-719 report.pdf
Union Pacific Railroad Bridge J-872 Franklin NA Interstate 44 South Outer Road/Business Route 66 Jun-01 Union Pacific RR bridge documentation.pdf
Van Buren Bridge G-712A1 Carter Current River U.S. Route 60 Dec-95 Van Buren Bridge G-712A1 report.pdf
Weston Viaduct K-0698 Platte NA Route 45 Nov-09 Weston Viaduct Report.pdf