MoDOT Template Library
Template Library Overview


Template Library Overview:

A Template (as shown in the Create Template dialog image below) generates the transverse geometry that is central to roadway design. In Roadway Designer, the templates are assigned to specific stations along the mainline alignment at a specific interval, which are called template drops. The Roadway Designer will connect the points of the template drops, forming a model of the roadway, which will be made into a surface model.

A Template is comprised of a series of points and components that represent breakline features that are later processed using the Roadway Designer command. Roadway features that have been processed are saved to the design surface. Ultimately, these features stored in the DTM are used to compute quantities and layout roadway elements. Templates are stored in an XML format template library (*.itl).

Watch the Template Library Overview on the Instructional Videos page.

NOTE: Also, for more information see the Bentley GEOPAK Road Help: Create Template

The MoDOT Template Library has been developed with MoDOT Design Standards to provide the user with a basic foundation of pre-assembled Components, End Conditions, and Templates. There are templates contained within the library to serve as examples for common types of projects; however, new typical sections can be created from modifying existing templates and adding components from within the library. This library can be saved and modified to meet the needs of any project. There are tools available to extract templates from one library to another. This way if a component or template from the MoDOT Template Library is deemed viable for use within a specific project, it can be incorporated into the MoDOT Template Library.

NOTE: Changes and/or additions will not be made to the MoDOT Template Library without authorization. Changes and/or additions will be made in a separate file for a project specific application as explained in the workflow for Roadway Designer Template Library file management documentation.