Historic Bridge Reports for Missouri

Historic Bridge Reports for Missouri
Prepared by Missouri Department of Transportation Historic Preservation Section staff
For more information, visit the MoDOT Historic Bridges website
Contact information: Mike Meinkoth (email Michael.Meinkoth@modot.mo.gov)
Index prepared by Renée McHenry, Transportation Librarian, MoDOT Library
Last updated 10-12-2018
Bridge name Bridge
County Body of water Highway location Report
Link to full text reports
102 River Bridge L-0202A Andrew 102 River Route E Apr-03 102_River_Bridge_Compiled.pdf
Bear Creek Bridge K-0491 Platte Bear Creek Route 45 Nov-09 Bear Creek Bridge K0491 Report.pdf
Blackwater Bridge G-0785 Saline Blackwater River County Road 339 (Old Route 65) May-11 Blackwater Bridge G0785 Report PDF.pdf
Blanchette Bridge L-0561 St. Charles and St. Louis Missouri River Interstate 70 westbound Oct-12 Blanchette Bridge L0561 Documentation.pdf
Blue River Brige J-0526 Jackson Blue River Route 40 Apr-16 BlueRiverBridge_J0526_Report2.pdf
Branson Bridge J-0705R Taney White River (Lake Taneycomo) U.S. Business Route 65/Route 76 Dec-09 Branson Bridge J0705R Report.pdf
Brownville Bridge L-98 Atchison Missouri River Route 136 Aug-09 Brownville Bridge L-98 Railing Report.pdf
Bull Creek Bridge H-39 Taney Bull Creek U.S. Route 160 Nov-01 Bull Creek Bridge H-39 Report.pdf
Carrollton Bridge F-0404 Carroll Wakenda Creek U.S. Business Route 65 1998 Wakenda Creek Bridge_F0404_Compiled.pdf
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Bridge NA Benton NA Route 65 No date CRIP RR Bridge Milepost 195-135 report.pdf
Crawford Meramec River Bridge H-117R Crawford Meramec River Route 19 Jan-99 Crawford Meramec River Bridge H-117R report.pdf
Crest Underpass Railroad Bridge Benton NA Route 52 No date CRIP RR Bridge Milepost 202-73 report.pdf
Daniel Boone Bridge J-1000 St. Charles and St. Louis Missouri River Interstate 64/U.S. Route 40 and 61 Sep-13 Daniel_Boone_Bridge_J1000_Report.pdf
Deer Creek Bridge G-681R St. Louis Deer Creek Route 100 May-07 Deer Creek Bridge G-681R report.pdf
Doxie Creek Bridge H-667 Chariton Doxie Creek Route 5 Oct-07 Doxie Creek Bridge H-667 HAER report.pdf
Eminence Jacks Fork Bridge K-209 Shannon Jacks Fork River Route 19 Aug-02 Eminence Bridge K-209 report.pdf
Fairfax and Platte Purchase Bridges K0456 & A0450 Platte and Wyandotte Missouri River Route 69 Oct-16 Sm_Platte_MO_Wyandotte_KS_69_Fairfax_PlattePurchaseBridges_Report.pdf
Franklin Meramec River Bridge H-996R1 Franklin Meramec River Routes 30 and 47 Jan-00 Franklin Meramec River Bridge H-996R1 report.pdf
Gasconade River Bridge K-112 & K-113 Pulaski Gasconade River Route 17 Jul-08 Gasconade River Bridge J-802 report.pdf
Glasgow Missouri River Bridge G-00693 Howard Missouri River Route 240 Aug-07 Glasgow Bridge G00693 report.pdf
Hermann Missouri River Bridge K-226A Gasconade Missouri River Route 19 2005 Hermann Bridge K-226A HAER report.pdf
Horse Creek Bridge X-0186 Vernon Horse Creek Route B Sep-12 Horse Creek Bridge X0186 Report.pdf
Hughes Creek Bridge G-0028 Cape Giradeau Hughes Creek Route 61 Jun-14 Hughes Creek Bridge_G0028.pdf
Hurricane Deck Bridge K-0961 Camden Lake of the Ozarks Route 5 Oct-12 Hurricane Deck_K0961_Mitigation Report.pdf
I-64 Lindberg Bridge K-600R2 St. Louis NA Interstate 64 Jun-07 I-64_Bridge_Report.pdf
I-64 McKnight Bridge K-0854R St. Louis NA Interstate 64 Jun-07 I-64_Bridge_Report.pdf
I-64 Spoede Bridge K-0601R St. Louis NA Interstate 64 Jun-07 I-64_Bridge_Report.pdf
Jacks Fork Bridge  J-665 Texas Jacks Fork River Route 17 Sep-04 Jacks Fork Bridge J-665 report.pdf
Lamine River Bridge K-0236 Cooper Lamine River Route 41 2014 K0236_Historical & Photographic Documentation.pdf
McCutcheon Street Bridge K-0861R St. Louis NA Interstate 64 2007 McCutcheon Street Bridge K0861R report.pdf
McDaniel Memorial Bridge K-9993 Saline Missouri River Route 240 Mar-08 McDaniel Memorial Bridge K-9993 Report.pdf
Meramec River Bridge J-0421 St. Louis Meramec River Interstate 44 Outer Road (Historic U. S. Route 66) Sep-12 Meramec River Bridge J0421_FINAL mitigation document.pdf
Mitchell Creek Bridge F-151 Platte Mitchell Creek Route 9 Jun-08 Mitchell Creek Bridge F-151 report.pdf
New Franklin Viaduct K-744 Howard NA Route 5 Feb-10 New Franklin Viaduct Report.pdf
Niangua River Arm Bridge J-296 Camden Niangua River Route 54 Apr-98 Niangua River Arm Bridge J-296 report.pdf
Niangua River Bridge X-0195 Dallas Niangua River Route K Jan-11 Niangua River Bridge X0195 report.pdf
North River Bridge K-0073 Marion North River Route 168 Sep-12 North River Bridge K0073 Report.pdf
Paseo Bridge L-07345 Jackson and Clay Missouri River Interstate 29 and 35 2008 Paseo Bridge L07345 HAER report.pdf
Patton Bridge G-0688 Bollinger Little Whitewater Creek Route 51 Jun-14 G0688_Patton Bridge Documentation.pdf
Platte River Bridge K-0266 Platte Platte River Route 45 Jan-12 Platte River Bridge K0266 Report.pdf
Pomme de Terre River Bridge H-636 Greene Pomme de Terre River U.S. Route 65 Aug-07 Pomme de Terre Bridge H-636 report.pdf
Sac River Bridge H-123A Greene Sac River Route 160 May-05 Sac River Bridge H-123A report.pdf
Saline Creek Bridge H-0119 Miller Saline Creek Route 17 Jan-12 Saline Creek Bridge H0119 report.pdf
Salt Fork Bridge (also called Eastwood Road Bridge) 4770002 Saline NA Eastwood Road (former Route 240) Nov-07 Salt Fork Bridge 4770002 report.pdf
Sandy Creek Bridge K-0340 Lincoln Sandy Creek Route 79 Sep-12 Sandy Creek Bridge K0340 report.pdf
Shoal Creek Bridge J-349 Newton Shoal Creek Route 86 No date Shoal Creek Bridge J-349 report.pdf
Sni-A-Bar Creek Bridge J-0025R Lafayette Sni-A-Bar Creek Route 224 Jul-10 Sni-A-Bar Creek Bridge J0025R report.pdf
St. Francis River Bridge J-0021R Wayne St. Francis River Route 67 Jun-12 St Francois River Bridge J0021R Report.pdf
St. John's Creek Bridge N-0141 Franklin St. John's Creek Route YY May-15 N0141_Bridge_Mitigation_Document.pdf
Tarkio Creek Bridge J-176 Atchison East Fork Tarkio Creek U.S. Route 136 (was Route 18, then designated Route 4) Jun-97 Tarkio Creek Bridge J-176 report.pdf
Tarkio River Bridge G-0355R Atchison Tarkio River Route 59 May-12 Tarkio Creek Bridge G0355R Report.pdf
Turley Bridge W-0304 Cooper Petite Saline Creek Route V Mar-12 Turley Bridge W0304 Report.pdf
Tuscumbia Bridge J-719 Miller Osage River Route 17 Dec-06 Tuscumbia Bridge J-719 report.pdf
Union Pacific Railroad Bridge J-872 Franklin NA Interstate 44 South Outer Road/Business Route 66 Jun-01 Union Pacific RR bridge documentation.pdf
Van Buren Bridge G-712A1 Carter Current River U.S. Route 60 Dec-95 Van Buren Bridge G-712A1 report.pdf
Weston Viaduct K-0698 Platte NA Route 45 Nov-09 Weston Viaduct Report.pdf
Withington Ford Bridge 920001 Franklin Meramec River Route N Mar-17 Withington_Ford_Bridge_0920001_Report.pdf